In Lunigiana Dante was host by the powerful Malaspina family.

Malaspina in italian means “bad-thorn”. In fact, the family is named after the wild plum (blackthorns) and the motto of the family is:

Sum mala spina malis

sum bona spina bonis

meaning “we are bad thorn for the wicked, we are good thorn for the honest”.

Sloe - Food, Medicine and Other Uses - Prunus spinosa

We are not sure if Dante ever drank this liqueur (or anything similar, possibly with no sugar). What we know, is that Lunigiana territory, while he was there, was full of wild plums trees. We also know that this shrub was so tipical that it became the symbol in the coat of arms of the family of Dante protector.

Stemma in maiolica - Spino secco Malaspina - Recuperando

We thus share this recipe to celebrate the Malaspina family. And Dante, indeed.

Plus, it tastes good.

•1kg  blackthorns •1 l alcohol 90° •1 l still red wine •Cinnamon,Vanilla, Cloves • •1 kg sugar, 1 liter water • •A 2 l. glass jar with airtight seal

Wash the berries and rest them for a few hours •Infuse with alcohol, wine and spices •Leave for 2 lunar cycles  in a dark room, in a sealed glass jar. •After 56 days, prepare sirup (heat water and sugar), let it cool and add to the jar. •Let it rest another week, then press the fruits and filter. Bottle and enjoy


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