NAPLES: fried eggs with medieval sauce

The court of Roberto d’ Angió was one of the most refined of its time. A real melting pot of culture and a the “mecca” of the intellectual life of europe. Roberto d’Angió was most loved by Boccaccio, Petrarca, Giotto. Dane did not like him but couldn’t help visiting him.

Two recipe book are known to ben written/used by the chef of Roberto d’Angió: the “liber de coquina” (written in latin) and the “anonimo meridionale” (in early italian, the book originarily written at the court of Federico II di Svevia in Sicily was transcribed and used during Angió time).

One of the beauty of these manuscripts, that in their content are very similar among them, apart from the language, is that beside dishes extremely complicated (such as pies containing live birds, to be released in forests made by bread), or expensive (with truffle for insance), there are also very simple dishes, such as “cimere de ova”: fried eggs with a sauce of bred crumbles.

Daria Khoroshavina  Moscow, Russia
by DARIA KHOROSHAVINA – Come Alive Images

TRANSLATION: He who wants to make “cimere of eggs”, take the eggs and fry them and add a sliced onion fried enough and long and the center of bread, vinegar and spices, and make it boil and throw on the eggs.

LXVI Chi vole fare cimere de ova, tolli le ova et frigile et agi una cipolla trita assay fricta et longa et medolla de pane, acito et spetie, et faccia bollire et gecta su l’ova


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