Antimius was a doctor, not a chef. This is his remedy for coffing and we litterally loved the results.


I peeled almonds, and beated them until I got a fine pouder. I mixed 1/3 of honey, 1/3 of powdered almonds and 1/3 of lemon.

It is unsure if lemon was known in Europe by the time of Anthymus, but citrics like cedar were known and well used since centuries.

In this recipe in its original version to be honest there is no lemon and neither cedar: just almonds peeled and beaten and honey. Yet, I find it too sweet and lemon or cedar juice makes for a good addition. Cedar was probably hard to find at the Franks court, but not in Greece or Bysanthium, the homeland of Anthimus

TRANSLATION (By the author of this post)

Almonds are good, even more if bitter, are suitable for liver wellbeing. Eat them purified by their skin (peeled). Well-crushed skinless and marinated in honey are best suited for coughs and phlegm when they begin to mature


Amigdalas bonas sunt; praeterea si amarioris fuerint, epaticis congrua sunt. Sed in topida missas cortix ipsa purgetur et sic manducentur. Item et tribulata bene sine cute in melle optimo tisicis congrua sunt uel in catarro, quando incipit maturare.


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