How wise was Anthimus! He knew about properties of carrots, and he also knew that fried food is better to be used warm. What he knew better, though, is that you don’t fight a barbarian king that is hosting you: you might suggest him to eat boiled vegetables, but if he wants to fry, you let him fry!


Boiled carrots with oil and salt, are good for wellbeing and diuretic. If you want to fry them, eat them warm.


Pastanacae bonae sunt bene elixae, et (in sale et oleo) comestae etiam urinas prouocant; si enim frixae comeduntur, primo in calda perdurent.

note: by the medieval time, carrots were known in europe since centuries and one of the most loved food at Romans time. At the time where not orange, but white, yellow or purple


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